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Finding The Way, Gulu region, Uganda

finding the way

Over twenty years ago the "Lords Resistance Army" (LRA) mounted an armed rebellion against the government of Uganda. The civil war that ensued became one of Africa's longest running conflicts and led to over 1.6 million men, woman and children fleeing their homes and villages to live in Internally Displaced People (IDP) Camps. Uganda's LRA are infamous for their abduction and forced conscription of child soldiers, with children as young as five years old forced to take up arms in the rebel army. A generation of traumatised children, broken families and thousands of people living in makeshift camps is the legacy of what the UNICEF has called a "severe humanitarian crisis" which at it's peak saw 35,000 children a night fleeing on foot to seek refuge in the IDP camps and urban areas.

Against this backdrop, Finding the Way(FTW) aims to help the people of northern Uganda learn how to overcome the horrors of this war, live in hope, and experience restoration of life that will last for future generations.  FTW sees it of key importance to help people to cast-off the mentality of defeat, sadness, expectation of hand-outs, anger, and grief. People must Find the Way to live a better quality life.

Vision:  Restoration spiritually, emotionally, and physically as people resettle in their original village areas.

Mission:  To see the establishment of healthy, sustainable communities which will be the core for resettling in a common village area.  People will be given basic education, have a chance to heal, and learn life skills. They will be able to find hope and a sense of purpose as communities are restored and regenerated.

Emotional: People will see they can overcome and live differently as they learn to work together and help each other in rebuilding their lives. Adopting the principle of treating others the way they would wish to be treated themselves, people will be encouraged to exercise such principles: Love – learning to do to others as you would have them do to you; Joy – learning to have contentment in all things and have hope for a better life; Peace -  learning to live in unity with others; Patience – learning to wait for things to work out and persevere in challenges; Kindness – learning to give of oneself to help others and treat people with respect; Goodness – learning to live in a way that is positive and to make healthy choices; Gentleness – learning to not let anger control or motivate how you act; Faithfulness – learning to remain dedicated to what you are doing and what you believe; Self-control – learning to not be controlled by emotions and circumstances; Compassion – learning to care about others and want to help them; Humility – learning to see others as better than yourself, to admit when you are wrong, to recognize weakness, and to take responsibility for you life; Forgiveness – learning to let go of wrongs done to you and release the hurt.

Physical: People will move to a common village area and live in small communities. They will use different skills to help the others in their community; receive training in the areas of cultivation, brick making, construction, knitting/tailoring, health/hygiene, problem solving, and other areas to sustain a healthy, purposed, and productive life.  This is especially beneficial to those teenagers and children who never learned those basic skills in the IDP camps. People will receive assistance to begin rebuilding homes and clearing land as they take part and commit to the establishment of these new communities.



Finding the Way

Jennie Crawford

Jennie Crawford
Team Leader

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You can see for yourself the effects that Finding the Way is  having on the communities in northern Uganda, click on the link below;

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Provision of community support following the resettlement of families and communities after the civil war and internal conflict in northern Uganda, Africa




Restore community and hope to people who have been affected by the ravages of war and violence in the Gulu region of northern Uganda. Providing them with a sustainable future meeting their needs for housing, employment, emotional & physical health care, safe water & sanitation and education.